Service fee + publishing royalties

When you make a purchase through Loudr Licensing, your payment consists of two parts: the service fee and the cost of royalties. The service fee, a flat fee of $15 per song, goes to Loudr and is used to defray our operational costs, like paying for postage, renting servers, and employing a stellar licensing team.


As for the royalties, the exact fee depends on the formats and quantities you’ve requested for your license, but regardless of the amount, Loudr pays 100% of those royalties to the publishers that own the music.


Service fee refunds

As a policy, Loudr does not issue refunds of the service fee unless a technical issue prevents us from receiving your order. If the transaction goes through successfully, we cannot issue a refund.


Royalty refunds

You can use Loudr to license most songs, but there are a few situations in which it might not be possible to license a song, such as when a song is in the public domain and there is no publisher to pay.


When we’ve determined that a song cannot be licensed, Loudr refunds the cost of royalties in full. If this happens, you’ll get an email notification of your Denied Request. You’ll be able to view the Denied Request from your Loudr account and see a statement credit on your credit card bill or in your PayPal account within 14 business days.