Music purchased on Loudr is available in several formats. Here’s a quick comparison of the various formats:

This is the most common format. The audio is compressed to a lower file size while maintaining listenability. Best for phones, mobile devices, and small speakers. Compatible with iTunes and most other media players. Our MP3s are encoded at 320kbps to deliver you the most bang for your byte.

FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec):
Slightly larger than MP3s, FLAC offers CD-Quality audio with no artifacts. (It's like you were in the studio!) Best played on high-end speakers or studio headphones. FLAC is not natively compatible with iTunes, but many other players such as VLC support it.

ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec):
Apple's own Lossless format, ALAC delivers CD-Quality best suited for iDevices. Compatible with iTunes, Apple TV, and most Apple players.

Download to Dropbox:

We've worked with Dropbox, a leading file backup, sync and sharing solution, to make it even easier to for you to save your Loudr downloads and access them from anywhere. Selecting this option will prompt you to connect your Dropbox account if not already connected, after which you’ll choose your download folder and begin syncing your music to your dropbox automatically. Best for fans on the go, with mobile devices, or with slow or intermittent Internet connections.

The Loudr direct store was closed in 2017, and music purchased from Loudr will not be available forever. We highly recommend that you download your music and keep it in a safe place!