We like to think that Loudr had some of the best music around, and often hear that people would like to use our artists' tunes in videos, games, podcasts, etc.

Unfortunately, we aren't able to grant the rights to use any of the music that was on Loudr for any purpose except private listening. If you want to use music you found on Loudr for some other purpose, you'll have to contact the artists/composers directly for that permission (which we wholeheartedly encourage you to do!)

Some common types of uses (and the licenses needed):

  • Use in a video game = synchronization license
  • Use in a video = synchronization license
  • Use for sampling, as in a remix = sound recording license
  • Use in a cover-version = mechanical license*
  • Use as background music at a business = public performance license
  • Use as background music in a podcast = webcasting license

* Loudr can obtain mechanical licenses on your behalf if you'd like to create your own cover of any of our artists' songs!