Welcome, Limelight users!


Our friends at Limelight will no longer be accepting new license orders, effective March 31, 2015.


Here at Loudr, we’ve been helping artists sell cover songs since 2009, and we’re thrilled to have launched Loudr Licensing for mechanical licenses. Our licensing service enables you to buy a cover song license (mechanical license) as easily as you would buy a book or game online.


As with Limelight, for a flat service fee of $15 per song, you can order a license that covers any combination of digital downloads ($0.09 per download), physical releases ($0.09 per copy), ringtones ($.24 each), or interactive streams ($.01 per stream). Pay only for the royalties that you need, and come back whenever you may sell more covers than expected.


Loudr is dedicated to making your transition from Limelight as smooth as possible so you can keep your cover songs live. If you’ve ever used Limelight to purchase a cover song license and have any questions about switching to Loudr, contact our Community Support (support@loudr.fm) with "Limelight" included in the subject line so we can provide a more custom response.


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