What is Loudr?


Loudr is a company that facilitates mechanical licensing and royalty administration between music publishers and anyone who wants to release a cover song.


Am I a music publisher?


If you own the copyrights to one or more songs (or are authorized to handle the paperwork), you are a music publisher. We’re very pleased to meet you!


Why has Loudr contacted me?


You’ve probably received a Notice of Intent letter (NOI) from us because you own the rights to a song, and one of our clients is interested in licensing it.


An NOI is a document that we serve on copyright owners in order to obtain a compulsory license under Section 115 of the Copyright Act. This document is sent when we cannot locate a publisher or when we don’t hear back, so that we may help our clients secure timely licenses.


How will I get paid for use of my music?

Royalty rates are set by the government and vary according to the song timing and type of use, but at this time, that means approximately 9.1 cents per digital download, 24 cents per ringtone and 1 cent per interactive stream.

Loudr is paid by its licensing clients, and does not charge publishers for its services. This means that we pay publishers 100% of the mechanical royalties they are eligible to collect under the U.S. Copyright Act.



How can I stop receiving NOIs and sign up for direct licensing?


We prefer to work publishers directly when possible, since it enables us to offer publishers benefits like:

  • The ease of getting paid for mechanical licenses without having to review and sign a physical stack of paper
  • The ability to send accurate catalog information to Loudr, so that we can ensure payment for every single stream and download
  • The right to receive quarterly digital reports about how your music is used; and
  • The option to be receive electronic payments via PayPal.


If you’re a music publisher, we think your catalog counts no matter how large or small, and we would love to work with you directly. We offer a simple, standard publisher agreement that enables us to do what we already do under the Copyright Law -- secure cover song licenses -- but without printing up and mailing reams of NOI notices.


We aim to keep things simple: you give us the ability to issue statutory mechanical licenses without sending NOIs, and we send you payments and statements every quarter (45 days after the end of the previous quarter).


How do I sign up?


Hit us up at publishers@loudr.fm, and we'll send you a link to the signup page.