We've worked with Dropbox, a leading file backup, sync and sharing solution, to make it even easier to for you to save your Loudr downloads and access them from anywhere. On the download page, click the gear icon near the download button. A box with your "Default Download Preferences" will appear. Under the "Download Music To:" section, check the box that reads "Dropbox". Now when you click the download button a Dropbox window will appear. Choose your destination folder, and hit "OK". You can then navigate elsewhere or close the window while your music syncs in the background.

Once it's done, you'll be able to access your files from any Dropbox app, from the web, or of course from your computer's Dropbox folder. In addition, "Save to Dropbox" automatically resumes downloads, resulting in fewer dropped connections or corrupted files.

The Loudr direct store was closed in 2017, and music purchased from Loudr will not be available forever. We highly recommend that you download your music and keep it in a safe place!