No. Loudr’s cover song license only allows you to distribute and sell an audio-only cover of the song you have licensed. The license does not cover use in film, television, advertising, Internet video, or any other type of audio-visual use. These types of uses require what is known as a synchronization license.


A synchronization license (a.k.a. "sync license" or "synch license") is a type of license that authorizes use of a song and/or recording in a video, usually for a specified period of time and set of media. Sync licenses are granted on a case by case basis by the rights holder(s) of the music, and the fees can vary based on a variety of factors, including the use and the song.


If you’re looking for a sync license, please either directly contact the music publisher (and, if you’re using someone else’s recording, the record label), or shoot us a note at for a list of professionals who may be able to help you secure this type of license.